"I arrived home last night and woke up today completely "upside down", as if all the fear monkey's had been released from their cages.

Sitting on my desk is your CD and I popped that sucker into my computer; the minute I heard your voice all was right with my world!

At this moment it is difficult to find enough words to express my deep gratitude that the universe put me in the front row of you and your gift....And if anyone asks about my week at Rancho my commentary will begin with sharing my experience with you and the Crystal Bowls."

Marget Seehof
Membership Director at Wayzata Country Club

"Susana's classes at the Ranch not only enlightened, but changed me."
Nancy Collins, journalist
Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, New York, Harper’s Bazaar, ABC’s Prime Time Live,20/20. 

"Susana guided me with such compassion and sensitivity that it unlocked deep emotions and created healing around long held blockages.”

Monica Thakrar, Change Management Specialist, Vienna, WA

"Mine is the art of inspiring people to turn themselves inside out to
transform their suffering into art, their art into awareness,
and their awareness into action."
Gabrielle Roth

"My soul journey experience with Susana was wonderful. She not only led me easily through the journey but her voice, pace and timings were perfect for my experience. Thank you for such a beautiful experience and I feel blessed to have been able to have you as my soul coach.”

Nicole Graham
Facilitator, Coach and Goddess

"When I first met Susana, I was a busy professional woman in my 50's who had never experienced meditation. I didn't think I could quiet my mind for 5 seconds.
With her gentle expertise, I was able to lean into the world of meditation in a safe and comfortable environment. Today, I enjoy 20 minutes of daily meditation. I am thrilled with the results and my ongoing journey.
Susana has a rare gift ... that everyone deserves to receive."

Leslie Zann, Consultant